Monday, April 27, 2009

Card Workshop Postponed

Hi All!

Writing from Utah. I am going to postpone the Card Workshop to June or August. May just became too packed! The great news is that I have found a really cute card box to keep your cards together and to present as a gift! I promise the wait will be worth it.

I'm trying to find a neat calendar that we can use interactively for the class schedules. But in the meantime:

Tuesday, May 12th at Astor School - Old Gym
Thursday, May 14th at Sharon's office we will be working on dimension cards
Thursday, May 21st at Astoria Elks - scrapbooking ( more details to be posted!)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bill is home

Bill came home from the hospital last night. Lots of settling in to do at this point. He continues to get better every day but it will be a long recovery for his leg to heal. He is to stay down and leg up for at least 2 weeks!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Memory Box Rescheduled to 4/23

Due to illness in the family I have rescheduled the Memory Box Workshop to Thursday 4/23/09. Same place at 7pm!

Just a quick update - Bill was admitted to Columbia Memorial Hospital on Saturday after 24 hours of IV antiobiotics were not making a dent in his leg infection.

He has been receiving 3 antibiotics since Saturday, around the clock. The doctor is upping one to every 6 hours and hoping that will help him heal faster. He is looking at coming home Thursday if things continue to progress.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!