Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monthly Groups

September 10th - 7pm Boxes and Bags - get ready for the holidays!
We are meeting at Nancy's House

September 15th - 7pm Watercolor pencils - 3 cards, 3 techniques
We are meeting at Missy's House - bring those watercolor pencils, blending pens or waterbrush pens.

September 16th (Note this is Wed not Thurs)- 7pm Scrapbooking pages 92-93 in Cherish
We are meeting at the Elks Lodge

Don't forget that this month is National Stamping Month! Click here to learn about your opportunity to receive a special card making kit.

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  1. You sure have such a great hobby! Loving this! I'll have to make a brag book one of these days! You are soooooooo creative! :) Thanks for sharing your blogs with me! :)


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