Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bows using Jan SOTM Labels

And Here is the second set of directions:

You need 4 stamped labels (the ones which are more rectangular work better for these bows)

Cut the label out and then fold in half to cut out the center of the label (you can trim it up if you need to after the bulk is out).      You will then want to fold the label in half both length and width (horizontally/vertically).  Once you have done this, then you want to fold the corners the opposite direction of your initial folds (so if your center folds are mountain folds, then fold the corners as valley folds).  Once you get to assembly, if you find you want the folds going the opposite directions, it is easy to reverse the folds.

Once you have the labels folded, place a small dot of liquid glass on the mid point of the longest side.       NOTE:  it doesn't really matter which side you glue together because you can showcase either side once the bow is complete (If you are using B&T).  If you are showing off the stamped image, then glue on the opposite side.
Fold the label in half and pinch (or to photograph this I used a tiny cloths pin) to hold the sides together until the glue holds it together.   Repeat this with all 4 labels

Once the glue is dry, I pinch the center of each label and make sure my folds are crisp.

Then, place a small dot of liquid glass in the same center point of each label (three dots of liquid glass) - and stack up your labels.  This photo shows three labels together (so there are two spots of glue between the three layers).  Clip or pinch until each section is dry.

Here are all 4 labels together and clipped.  I'm thinking this would be cute for a buttlerfly on a card as well.  Hmmmmm......
Once your glue is dry, then spread out each label section.  I put a small amount of glue between the first section and the final section once I had spread everything out and clipped those sections together just to get a nice neat circle.  So here you see the front and back utilizing two different labels.

If you want to add additional layers, then you will get a more three dimensional look (I did that in my blog hop post on the shopping list portfolio - I used 5 labels and didn't try to make it lie flat).

There are the basics, There are ways to pop it up, alternate the back and front and get an entirely different look and remember, both sides are visible so it is a fun 3D feature.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  If you have questions, leave me a message and I will try to clarify.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this tutorial. Very helpful.


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