Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Page Protector Bag

To make a bag using a page protector start by cutting off the binder section (the part that goes into the album).
Make sure that you have the scoring tool in the trimmer! Then place the protector in the trimmer with the opening at the top. Line up the left side of the page at 11” or less [the larger the section you score, the wider the bag will be – at 11” you are scoring at 1” and you will have a very narrow bag (2” depth and base)]. Note that I have shown the opening with a white bracket }.
Next, turn the page protector ¼ turn to the left (note where the opening is – it is marked with the bracket}). Score again after lining up the left hand side with the same distance and the first score (so if you line up the 1st one at 11” all side will line up at 11” so that you have equal score lines).

Make the final ¼ turn to the left and score one more time. At this point you should have equal scores across the three bound sides of the page protector.

Fold along each score line to make sure that you have crisp lines.

The next part is the hardest part to do (and it isn’t bad). You want to create the bag bottom and will need to create the corner. If you have ever made a bagalope it is the same process!

Crease the score lines and make the bottom corners come to a point as shown

This point will then be folded back onto the bottom of the bag.

Punch a hole in the triangle at the bottom of the bag with our silent setter punch (which is great for this project) and then set an eyelet by placing the right side on the bottom of the bag and setting the eyelet from inside the bag.

Repeat the eyelet setting on the opposite bottom side.

Decorate the bag and the top closure as you see fit. Here I folded the top over, clipped with bulldog clip and a card.

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